"The Power Is Within you ॐ


The Doors

Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger, John Densmore






When u say exchange energies do u mean sexually? Only a q

It means getting deep connections from someone. <3

Do you smoke weed anymore? Or do any psychedelic drugs? Just curious. Also kind of wondering what it would be like for me. The tripping part. I'm someone who already takes meds to calm my mind. -Gabby

I am trying to lay low on the pot sista. I did my last shroom trip last month i believe..

I am not sure how your trip would be? But i can tell you that your mind is in control. thoughts, thoughts, thoughts. I always say to be a month prepared before you take psychedelics. Meditate let all the sadness, anger, guilt flow out of your system so then when you are tripping your thoughts will be good and youll flow with the cosmic universe. 

I hope you don't find this rude, because I'm not meaning to be, but I was just wondering~ Why do you keep your armpits unshaved? Like, what does it mean to you? (I'm sorry if it sounds like a really vain question, hahaha)

It means im closer to mama earth! And i feel more wild! Like a wild earth princess! 

you help me to feel more confident about myself. when I'm feeling insecure I scroll through your magical blog and I feel so beautiful and powerful. thank you very much.

<33 Its all you love! You’ve been strong all along, you are just now realizing it and its beautiful! <33 

I love you! 

How do you groom your pubic hair? Do you trim it at all or do you just let it all grow?

I use a lawn mower! 

Live Life The Fullest.
Accept yourself, Be adventurous. Express Gratitude. Love everyone. Listen to your heart & soul. Laugh. Be happy. Forgive
Accept everyone. Be positive. Clear your mind. Be carefree. Appreciate the little things. Be honest with yourself and others, especially with yourself. Love nature. Take nothing for granted.
Don’t let possessions rule your life. Make your dreams come alive. Be happy person.
After all you dont know the last day you’ll be living on this earth.